Our Partners

Our clients look to us to provide a reliable, responsive turnaround and our supply chain plays an important part in helping us achieve that.

Trentside have built great relationships with the leading suppliers and furniture component manufacturers across the furniture sector, providing our customers with the widest possible range of product choice.

Additionally, Trentside have forged partnerships with the industry's best in folding sofa bed mechanisms and act as the principal distributor in the UK.

Sedac Meral

SEDAC are one of the worlds leading manufacturers of folding sofabed mechanisms including market leading brands Sedaflex and Somtoile. SEDAC offer a high quality product giving years of reliable performance. ...discover more

Symphony Coatings

The Symphony Coatings group is the UK's premier supplier of professional and technically advanced paints, lacquers and coatings, supported by brand leading capital equipment and innovative consumables. ...discover more